Proactive guide to Learn New Technologies in the COVID19 Lockdown

Proactive guide to Learn New Technologies in the COVID19 Lockdown 

COVID19 is genuinely a frustrating scenario for everyone around the world. We were boasting of our technological advancement all these days. But a crisis like this makes us stop and think for a while. These tiny microbes stumble even our daily routine.

Where are we in our technological growth?

 Why can’t we fight these tiny microbes with our biomedical engineering tools? 

How are we going to handle this?

Is there an engineering solution to tackle the pandemic catastrophe? 

Or we should take an oath to develop one?

 As budding engineers, we should dedicate this time of isolation to learn, to combat these such pandemic disasters with our modest yet competing engineering applications. 

You may not know when you will be applying your skills but keep learning! 

Be prepared!

Be ready to face any situation!

Building your skills is the only way to combat the unfavourable challenges!

Yup, this thought interesting information nugget is all about how you can utilise this isolation opportunity to nurture your minds towards technological evolution.

Here you will find solid gold of value on this guide for Engineering Students to Learn New Technologies in the COVID19 Lockdown!

Let’s now jump straight away into the top 5 ways to learn new technologies to empower your skills.

You will be surprised at the last bonus tip that would help you create a passive income stream straight on the go! 

So read through this complete article to equip your mind with the latest solid ideas on learning new skills now.

  1. Open Source Software Libraries

First, we are going to look into learning new open-source software applications. 

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When you search for open-source software on the web, you will find a plethora of information on the latest, robust software tools on the market. You can download it for free and go through their help manual to know about their real-life applications. 

What is the use of learning new software? Right, when you start teaching your mind the various available software solutions on the world, you would get a strike of thought when you come across a crisis in your life. 

So keep updating the information on the latest software applications across your area of specialisation in your engineering studies. It would be undoubtedly helpful in times of crisis.

  1. Free Web or Software Development Coding Bootcamps

Coding! Get Coding! Yeah, coding is an essential skill in today’s trending scenario!

Every engineer should learn to code to solve the real-life crisis like this.

It is the responsibility of a dedicated engineer to learn problem-solving methodologies that exist in this scenario.

There is a gamut of free coding boot camps, and resource materials are available on the web. Make use of it to soar in your career and more importantly, to nourish your skill base.

  1. Learning the fundamentals of Data Structures and Algorithms

As I said earlier, every engineer should learn problem-solving skills. The most excellent way to solve problems is through data structures and algorithms.

So learn the fundamentals of data structures and algorithm in this time of isolation. 

  1. Learning the basics of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

 These are the latest and evolving technologies that is being applied in every field of engineering. 

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So getting to know the basics of data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence would help you in creating a robust portfolio of your skills.

  1. Learn a new Programming Language if you are already familiar with one!

Yup this is more important!

 If you know a programming language already, learn a new programming language. Keep learning!

Don’t stop or stagnate, be always flowing with the knowledge of current technologies.

  1. Bonus Tip: Learn Blogging!

Up this is the bonus tip! But a very lucrative method to monetise your skills!

Start blogging! You might invest a few bucks in the beginning, but the return will be perennial.

So learn the art of blogging in this digital world. Share your thought with your readers. Blogging is dominating the digital landscape. 

I hope these tips might have created a spark in your minds to work towards productivity. So start doing, don’t wait for the right time, start now! Learn Now!

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