Formulating the Buyer Centric Funnel

Formulating the Buyer Centric Funnel

Are you a marketer who is always thinking about the importance of the sales funnel? 

More specifically, buyer-centric sales funnel? 

Are you a marketing professional digging out the web for more lucrative sales funnel prototypes?

Do you want to know more about creating and designing a sales funnel that actually converts all your leads?

Have you checked out on David Skok’s presentation on ForEntrepreneurs?

Then this article is developed exclusively for you.

Read through this definitive guide on designing buyer-centric funnel to multiply your return on investment.

What is Buyer Centric Funnel?

Buyer is the point of focus in every marketing activity.

Every marketing activity revolves around the tricks to attract your target audience or buyers.

The objective and subjective goal of every marketing campaign is to convince the buyer to provoke the purchase decision.

Every business has to connect with their buyers no matter how emotionally and logically to make them buy your product. This tactic is always the sustaining rule in marketing a product, both conventionally and contemporarily.

More importantly, you have to retain your customers or buyers. This is the ultimate goal of all marketing measures.

Mainly you have to create a marketing funnel that focuses buyer’s behaviour. How does the buyer react to your product? How does he feel about your product? Does he find the product useful? Or he finds it to be expensive? Keeping these things in mind a sales funnel has to be created.

A buyer-centric sales funnel chiefly focuses on the needs, challenges, pain points, that connect with them emotionally to persuade their purchase decision.

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This is about the buyer-centric sales funnel. Now we are going to look elaborately on how to achieve in conquering buyers mind and heart. Let’s plunge in!

How to Design the Buyer Centric Funnel?

To design a buyer-centric funnel, you have to take the priorities of the buyer. 

You have to think about the buyer’s perspective on your product.

First, be clear about whether the buyer’s needs have been fulfilled, second connect with the sentiments of the buyer. Then focus on the pain point of the buyer to buy your product. This is how you have to communicate with the buyer’s mind and heart. 

Every lead entering into the funnel is not getting up to the sales order. So we have to design a funnel which leads the customer seamlessly without any hassles and doubts towards the customer journey of the funnel.

To optimise your conversation rates, you have to concentrate on retaining the acquired customers. You can achieve this by continuously providing them with the industry ready solutions that suit their need at optimum pricing with extended customer support.

These are the lucrative strategies in creating a buyer-centric sales funnel.

How does Buyer Centric Funnel help in Sales and Marketing?

Yep, buyer-centric funnel imposes the priority over the buyer. So if you satisfy your buyer, your sales portfolio would soar high.

You can avail them with the freebies and bounty programs to make them fall into your close connections.

Then you can canvas your premium products. Always remember, you have to give to get more. Invest in your buyers to get your return on investment back.

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What does Flip the Funnel implies?

Flipping the funnel is just making a broadway at the bottom of the funnel to ease with the flow of sales marketing.

You have to cut the restrictions and allow your buyers to flow through the marketing funnel to make conversions.

Purchase decision greatly depends on the emotions of your buyer. Flipping the funnel would relax the emotions of the buyer and make them take quicker purchase decisions.

When should we apply the concept of “Flipping the Funnel”?

We can apply the flipping the funnel technique whenever you find the buyer is getting away from your sales marketing.

That time you have to give them the freebies to make them feel satiated.

This flipping the funnel technique would absolutely benefit you in the long run of your business. You can keep your buyers updated with your latest products and make them feel closer to your product’s strategies and features.

How to attain maximum profit with a buyer-centric funnel and flip the funnel strategies?

All businesses work towards profit no matter what. But you need to practice the correct marketing strategy to reap the maximum profits in your business. 

The concept of the buyer-centric funnel and flipping the funnel technique would significantly reduce your chaos on customer acquisition and retention.

The main secret to any marketing practice is to first invest in your buyers with demonstration or freebie products to accumulate more business gains. Also, you have to win over their hearts and minds, ultimately to evade their purchase decisions.

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Keep these lucrative ideas on your mind while working out your plan on designing the customer-centric or buyer-centric sales funnel that multiplies your business profits.

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