The New Facebook Algorithm

Facebook Algorithm

The New Facebook Algorithm

2020 Update of Facebook Marketing Strategies

By Merlyn Shelley


Have you ever thought about the mechanism behind social networking platforms?

How do they connect us with our friends and family? What is the operation taking place? How are the systems working so efficiently?

More specifically, have you ever wondered about the engine that drives the most favourite social networking application, Facebook?

Yup, without the engine, the entire system cannot run.

Isn’t it wise and smart to know about the mechanism and business profits behind the favourite tool?

So if you find this to be exciting read through this precise book to update your knowledge and nourish your mind towards the digital planet.

In this digital age, everything we see, touch, operate and derive benefits from, execute through the very productive engines behind.

These so-called engines are technically called “Algorithms“.

Algorithms are the driving force that operates today’s smart application.

Wait! I am not going to elaborate on the technical aspect of algorithms here! But I am going to share all the general understandings of Facebook Algorithms, benefits and challenges for the business and updates in 2020 to watch out for maximum business benefits.

Facebook Marketing is a lucrative technique to connect and socialise with the target audience. Facebook is a wholesome tool for digital marketing purposes that comes with curative insights and categorisation of users. No other device in the market is as super-efficient and budget-friendly as Facebook! 

If you want to surge high in your home-based business or startup or waiting for series funding, you should try Facebook Marketing to level up your lead generation and revenue stream.

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Try Facebook Marketing and work with Facebook algorithms with this easy and absolute guide. You will find this book so helpful in your Facebook advertising journey.

Ok, I am coming back to the core concept of this book, Facebook algorithm.

Facebook Algorithm is the engine behind the Facebook application that enables us to socialise, connect and discover our peer groups from anywhere across the world.

Well, We all know that Facebook is the best tool to target the audience in any business because it is the most prominent spot for everyone on this digital planet to hangout.

People who run blogs, online sales, and other online businesses find Facebook as a highly lucrative tool to engage and study about their buyers and followers.

Facebook is not only a social media network but is also a profitable social commerce platform for multiple digital businesses.

If you are a person who spends most of your time on Facebook and has a handful of the network, then you shall start an online business to monetise your hobby space.


Read through this book to reap a solid gold of value on Facebook marketing and updates in the Facebook algorithm to stay competent and profitable in the digital market.

There are ways to turn your hobby into a passive income stream through Facebook marketing.

If you are using Facebook and you are not monetising with your influence across the web, then you are losing a substantial golden opportunity in this digital era.

In this digital epoch, you got a whole lot of opportunities with just the simple applications like Facebook you use daily. But not knowing the mechanism behind and the lucrative opportunities in these platforms is sinful.

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You should be productive with a side hustle.

Not only individuals, even the dominant brands, are applying Facebook marketing concepts to connect with their customers and establish their brand value across the web.

In this book, I have curated the facts and observation on the value of understanding Facebook algorithm and the Facebook marketing concepts to achieve maximum and profitable outcomes.

Know-how profitable is Facebook Marketplace in this definitive guide on ” The New Facebook Algorithm”.

Okay, let plunge into the sharp and useful ideas on a Facebook algorithm and Facebook marketing strategy now!

Table of Contents


  1. What is the Facebook Algorithm
  2. How does the Facebook Algorithm Work
  3. How to Work with Facebook Algorithm
  4. Facebook Marketing Strategies.
  5. Why is Facebook so useful for Marketing & The Benefits of Facebook for Business

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