Busy People’s Guide to Social Commerce

social commerce

Busy People’s Guide to Social Commerce

Top 10 Facts About Social Commerce 

By Merlyn Shelley


Hey There, 

Have you heard of Social Commerce? 

Does this sound familiar to you at the far end?

Yup, Social Commerce is a clubbed word from Social Media Network E-Commerce platform!

So somehow we can get the meaning that shopping made easy with a social media platform.

In this digital epoch, if you want to influence your target audience, you should connect with them in the social media platform no matter what.

Social Media Network has expanded extensively.

Social Commerce is a subcategory of electronic commerce or E-Commerce platform. The sale of the product in the e-commerce platform is highly influenced by social interaction or activity of the related social community.

Say for example, if you want to buy any product online, the natural thought that strikes your mind at this digital era is what? First, you want to find whether people bought those products online already, then you want to know about what are the pros and cons of the product, and even more, you want to know what are the reviews and user experiences. 

Where you will get all these pieces of information from? Either from Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp groups or from Quora network. All these channels are social media platforms, right?

This is how social media is winning its control over the e-commerce purchase!

This is the basic habit we have developed over these years of digital transformation and evolution.

And so does the Digital Marketing Industry is greatly influenced by the Behavioural Science and basic human behaviour to a piece of web information.

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Yup! Social interaction and user activity on the web obviously controls the buying behaviour of a person. Do you agree with me? Okay!

What I have planted on your mind so far is just 1% of social media influence over the e-commerce sales!

Remaining 99% is what we are going to discuss in this curative and lucrative guide on Social Commerce. This book covers the most essential and Top 10 Facts About Social Commerce.

You can say this streamlined info capsule as a busy people’s guide to Social Commerce. Because whatever points we are going to discuss here are very straightforward! No Abracadabra! 🙂

So read through this very essential guide to SOCIAL COMMERCE and get nourished with the significant concepts of the digital marketing industry.

Digital Marketing is an alluring industry at this point and also in the future. 

By acquiring the knowledge of digital marketing, you could either start your own business or you could uplift your career as Brand Manager in any business.

By reading a lot of ideas on digital marketing, you could quickly build your passive income stream and accumulate a whole lot of bucks while you sleep!

Yup Digital Marketing is such a lucrative profession now and for the years to come!

Okay! Let’s move on to the core chapters on Social Commerce now.

Table of Contents


  1. What is Social Commerce
  2. Why is Social Commerce Important
  3. What is the Difference Between Social Commerce and E-Commerce
  4. Features of Social Commerce
  5. Opportunities in Social Commerce
  6. Social Commerce Best Practices
  7. Benefits of Social Commerce for the Buyers
  8. Social Commerce Challenges
  9. Social Commerce Strategies
  10. Social Commerce Platforms – Key Takeaways
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