Digital Marketing Simplified

Digital Marketing Simplified


What is Digital Marketing and Why is it so Important Now?

Digital marketing is promoting a product in digital channels of communication. It is very important to get conscious of digital marketing and its impacts on the digital society. Marketing is the only way to make ends meet. Now, Digital Marketing gives the whole new version of the analysis of consumer behaviour.

Digital Marketing is an evolving industry. The concept of digital marketing changes every now and then as according to the user’s perspectives and behaviour across the digital mediums.

It is so important to know what is meant by digital marketing and how it influences any business in today’s scenario. 

There are only two people in the world. One is the business or product owner and the other is the consumer of the product. And both of them switch places at circumstances.

The business owner may be the consumer of any other product and the consumer may be the owner of some product or business.

So as to succeed in this digital market everyone should know about digital marketing. You may think digital marketing is not related to you.

 But knowingly or unknowingly you are part of the digital marketing arena. Somewhere across the digital globe you are leaving your footprints. 

And that footprint could be used by a product owner as an user behaviour to enhance his or her marketing strategies.

Do you wonder whether it could be real? The answer would be a big YES. Therefore I am writing this book ” Digital Marketing Simplified”.

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In this book I have collaborated some of my blog articles to come up with a wholesome idea on Digital Marketing in simple terms.

Table of Contents


How is Digital Marketing an influential part of our digital lives?

The Purpose Of Content / CopyWriting In Digital Marketing Industry

Will Omnichannel Marketing Ever Rule the World?

The Ultimate Guide to Quora Marketing

Top SEO Tools To Track Local Google Rankings

If you are a smartphone user and you are aware of the fact that you are contributing some vital data to the digital marketing industry, then you must read this book for sure. Here, I have stipulated the viewpoints of digital marketing in a precise and straightforward method.

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