Why Cyber Securities are the Secret Ingredient?

The Secret Ingredient for Effective CyberSecurity 


Cyber Security is the buzz word that spins around the web spaces. This article would discuss why cybersecurity is considered as the key secret ingredient to shield our digital assets across the web. Intruders and hackers are rising exponentially. We should be aware of the threats and the possible solutions to overcome the menaces.

By simple explanation, the term Security is described as the measures taken by the people to protect their belongings. Likewise, CyberSecurity is described as the measures taken by digital citizens to protect their digital spaces and digital assets across the web. Digital space could be referred to the social media spaces where our privacy has to be under check. Digital assets are our own intellectual property built on the web. Say, for example, a utility app, a website, a blog, a channel and so on.

Let us now check out the different aspects of cybersecurity and why is it so important in our digital spaces.


Table of Contents:

  • Features of Cyber Security
  • The functionality of Cyber Security
  • What are all the Risks in CyberSpace?
  • How to Combat Cyber Risks?
  • Ways to protect our Digital Spaces
  • Wrap Up

Let us now dive into each and every section elaborately here.

Features of Cyber Security

Cybercrimes are increasing every year. People should be aware of these cybercrimes so as to safeguard their digital assets over the web. Do you know that cybercrime is as dangerous as theft and robbery?. Moreover, it’s worse than that. Awareness about these kind attacks is of prime importance now.

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Let us now see what are all the specific features of cybersecurity to protect against the various cybercrime activities.

The well-executed cybersecurity should comprise of the following prime features. They are,

  1. Fixing the Priorities First along with the well-structured Goals.
  2. Awareness of the various Threats and Cyber Attacks.
  3. Clear Identification of the damages caused by the Cyber Attack 
  4. Execute the necessary Action to Get over the Cyber Attack

These are about the core features of the cybersecurity measure that are to be carefully executed. Just to protect the systems from serious damages.

The functionality of Cyber Security

This section would explain the five functions of the cybersecurity framework as defined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

The Vital Five Functions that are included in the Cybersecurity Framework Core are:

  • Identify
  • Protect
  • Detect
  • Respond
  • Recover

These form as the base and foundation of any cybersecurity framework that exists to protect the gamut of data and information across the web.

The first functionality is to identify the various software or the assets that are meant to be protected, secondly protect them with the cybersecurity frameworks, Thirdly detect for any threats posed to the data and information. Thereafter respond to the execution for the culmination of the threats. Last but not least is to recover the resources.

These are about the core functionality of the cybersecurity frameworks as defined by the NIST.


Let us now see the risks in the cyberspace.

What are all the Risks in Cyber Space?

Risk or challenge is inevitable in any industry. That goes synonymous with the cyberspace too. Awareness of the various risks involved would sort out the solutions for numerous threats. The cyberspace risks include,

  • Data Piracy
  • VIRUS (Vital Information Resources Under Seize)
  • Fraud/Cheating
  • Spam Links
  • Password Theft
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Private data and information should be shielded from intruders and hackers. The virus is serious threats that could corrupt our personal data on our system and also could seriously damage the hard drives of our personal computers. VIRUS is nothing but the computer program which is executed to do harm to the system and to fetch the data.

Fraudsters hacking the bank details in the online wallet and sweeping the accounts are more common among the cyber attacks. Spam links are nothing but the links which deceive people about winning the prize money or car and indulge in fraudulent activities. Password theft is spying on a user’s password for fetching sensitive information. These are about the risks in the cyber world.

How to Combat Cyber Risks?

Be equipped with the antivirus suites could prevent a whole lot of cyber threats. I addition to that update all your software packages with all the latest versions. Know about the threats prevailing in the cyber world. By these ways, you can combat more of the threats invading your system.

Ways to Protect Our Digital Spaces

Digital citizens ought to know about the netiquettes, ethics of using the cyberspace. Keep all your social media networks’ passwords safe and change them for every 30 days could prevent you from the hacking attacks. Moreover, internet banking credential also should not be exposed to vulnerability. For that always use the virtual keyboard and do have a practice of keeping security questions saved and change the passwords every month.

Wrap Up

Cyberspace is a bounty in this generation. We should use it properly to reap its utmost benefits. Awareness about cyber threats and practising cybersecurity measures could shield your digital assets. Ignorance is the mother of all evils. So don’t be ignorant about the cyberspace, cybersecurity and cyber threats. Create a habit of nurturing your digital skills daily. Hope this article helps you about cybersecurity.

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