7 Facts About Amazon Kindle E-book Reader That would really Impress You!!

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The amazing facts about Amazon Kindle would absolutely kindle your spirit for reading!. This article will show you the spotlight about, how to get the most benefit from your pocket-friendly digital library Amazon Kindle.


Amazon Kindle ebook reader was introduced in the year 2007, just about a decade ago, as the fancy digital library and the e-reader. This e-reader would benefit the users with its fully packed functional and technical features.

Let us now see the 7 amazing facts about Amazon Kindle that would really touch your senses of reading.

  1. X-Ray Feature
  2. Water Proof
  3. Kindle Unlimited
  4. Amazon’s 3G “Whispernet” network
  5. Audiobooks With Whispersync
  6. Kindle Eco Store
  7. Email Service Send-to-Kindle

There is no doubt that Amazon Kindle won the hearts of the book lovers. But even then, it tends to attract infrequent readers with its reader specific functionalities.

If you don’t like to read, Amazon Kindle will tempt you to read. With the core technological features like memory space for 1400 books, and a high definition LCD screen that which protects the reader’s retina. It also comes with the additional functionalities that entertain and comforts the reading souls.

Now we shall look into the facts about Amazon Kindle e-book reader in detail one by one.

X-Ray Feature

X-Ray is an extraordinary feature in Amazon Kindle. This facilitates the publishers to give a deep perspective about certain characters, terms and ideas for the readers.

Literally, X-Ray means that scanning the inner parts that are not visible to the naked eye. Likely X-Ray feature in Amazon Kindle opens up the different aspects about an idea. It does give the reader a complete insight into the topic.

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Water Proof

Amazon Kindle comes as a waterproof device so you ought not to be worried if you drop your Kindle in the water by mistake. Don’t worry your 1400 books won’t get wet.

Kindle Unlimited

Unlimited source of reading with one subscription by Amazon. You can read varied kind of unlimited stuff on any device. This exclusive delight is only for those subscribing for Kindle Unlimited. Get lost in Books!.

Amazon’s 3G “Whispernet” network

This is an exclusive web for Amazon Kindle devices where the readers can explore a gamut of books on the online store in Amazon’s 3G network called Whispernet. This is completely free of cost. Seems fantastic right!.

Audiobooks With Whispersync

Amazon facilitates over 60,000 audiobooks which provide Whispersync toward Voice and Immersion Reading adaptability among Kindle eBooks.

This is just synchronizing Whispernet through audible such resources to enable audiobook functionality.

Kindle Eco Store

Go Green Save Planet Earth!. Kindle e-book reader is a product that supports an eco-friendly way to protect our nature. Even if you don’t have a Kindle device, No worries!. You can download Kindle Lite app to enjoy the benefits of e-book reader on your mobile phone.

Email Service Send-to-Kindle

Readers can send their favourite books to their Kindle devices by just sending the book through their personal email. Send-to-Kindle is an amazing option to transfer the books digitally between devices.

Kindle your Day with Amazon Kindle

These are about the amazing facts about Amazon Kindle that would really impress you.

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