Things That Make You Love Digital Literacy.

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How to Simplify your Lifestyle with Digital Literacy?!

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Digital Literacy has become a fancy word nowadays. Did you ever come across the situation of not being familiar with the unfamiliar but modern devices of this tech-packed world?. Say like drones, augmented reality based games, etc.,

Have you experienced the opaqueness of going clueless when you tried to access the digital resource?

Then you are at the right place to get nourished about the different phases of this digital world.

Right from the dawn of the day till the dusk we do get glued to our appealing smart devices and its applications. By the way, knowingly or unknowingly we are implementing our digital skills.

Obviously, these devices do provide extensive and the best information services to the very end that which satisfies the daily needs of the people.

Now, so as to reap the most benefits of the digital resources around us, it is greatly significant to know about every way and means to access them.

Digital literacy is such a brilliant and novel way to extract all the prosperity of smart applications around us.

This curated article presents you the best and in-depth insight on what is digital literacy and why is it so important in this digital age.

Let’s quickly jump into the contents of this elaborated article.

Digital Literacy Skills
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Table of Contents:

  • What is Digital Literacy?- An Introduction.
  • What are the benefits of Digital Literacy?
  • The purpose of Digital Literacy
  • Why Digital Literacy an important skill?
  • How does Digital Literacy help in one’s day-to-day lifestyle?
  • The Basic Four Principles of Digital Literacy that Rules the World
  • A Complete Wrap-Up

What is Digital Literacy?- An Introduction

Digital literacy is the ability of a person to have a sound knowledge and skills on the existing digital technologies and digital devices.

Digital literacy not only creates awareness about the tech-driven environment but also help us to access its utmost benefits. As the saying goes, one should practice techniques on the survival of the fittest to compete in this ambitious world, this Digital literacy is no doubt to be the one such key skill in these days to dominate the evolution of the society.

Key Point: By having knowledge of digital skills one can flourish and attain great feat in this world.

What are the benefits of Digital Literacy?

Digital skills are of utmost importance in this era of electronics and computers. Everyone ought to know the skill of troubleshooting, working knowledge of an electronic device, and much more. Let us now dig into the core advantages of digital literacy now,

  • Digital literacy skills save more Time. Time is invaluable. We can buy anything in this world but we cannot buy the time. By knowing the digital operations one can save time by avoiding the wait time in long queues for paying utility bills in a service organisation.
  • Moreover, almost all public and private service organisations migrate to digital transformations in order to achieve business success in a short time.
  • Digital transformation or digital literacy would pave the way to enormous accessibility to digital information and resources. One can download an application online, one can book transportation tickets like train, bus, flight online.
  • We have got a substantial day to day applications from cab booking service to food delivery service, ebooks, and a lot of utility tools around the web.
  • The digital communication system has been widely spread across the digital world, the technologies like VOLTE( will explain elaborately in the coming article) have shrunk the distance. We can see our loved ones through video calls and can even connect all our buddies in one video conferencing calls. By knowing how to download a certain application and connect to people lies the digital literacy skill.
  • Digitalisation has expanded its horizons, numerous smart applications like, smart home, smart tv, smartphone, smart fridge and lot more artificial intelligence applications have marked its impression. So it is the right time for every one of us to spend at least a few minutes a day to nourish our knowledge on digital literacy skills.
  • Starting a phone, opening an email, attaching a file to the mail is all comes under the categories of digital literacy skills.
  • By learning every day at least one skill could mould us to be a capable digital citizen. A digital citizen is one who continuously marks an impression in the digital world. It could be posting timeline on social media. Even contributing a simple activity over web turns out to be a digital citizen.
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Key Point: The benefits of digital transformation are enormous its time to wake up and brush up a digital skill daily.

The Purpose of Digital Literacy

As we saw in the important benefits of digital literacy, the purpose of digital transformation which leads to digital literacy is just to establish a hassle-free lifestyle to mankind. Digital literacy would impart key insights and know-how of operating the various digital electronics devices so as to derive its umpteen uses.

Digital information is spread in its massiveness. To access and share this valuable information one should be aware of digital literacy skills. In India there are about 460 million active internet users, it is expected to expand to 700 million by 2021. With this gamut of people accessing the internet for the various need of digital information, it is the rush hour to absorb the core digital literacy skills. It would be far difficult for those people who do not know about these survival digital literacy skills.

In this world of hectic competition with the plethora of digital information thronging around us, it is the capability of an individual to compete for financial success in life.

Key Point: So as to be successful in all aspects of lifestyle one should be aware of Digital Literacy.

Why Digital Literacy an important skill?

Nowadays digital literacy is a compelling criterion to win over life and business. Electronics rules the world. In order to simplify and lead a comfortable lifestyle one should adapt to the digital transformation of the world.

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How does Digital Literacy help in one’s day-to-day lifestyle?

Obviously, when the whole world is moving towards digital transformation, we should also be moving in the same direction whether we are liking it or not. It is certainly a compelling situation. Know digital skills know the world otherwise it’s quite hard. Digital transformation and digital literacy are helping us in all forms to simply our lifestyle. It has got proven solution that is, digitization is just simplifying the distance, space, and the connectivity. Absolutely digital literacy would help in knowing the tech facts of the entire digital transformation.

The Basic Four Principles of Digital Literacy that Rules the World

Digital literacy skills is dominating the vast spheres of the world. It has got four basic principles which determine how it operates to dominate. They are,

Comprehending the Extensive Digital Information

As the digital information is vast, one should be simplifying the entire information to gist.

Co-relating the facts in the network

Cross-checking the facts with various kind of peer network for authenticity.

Collaborating with peer groups

Discuss with peer groups and friends network for the clarity of information.

Creating Curated information

And last but not least is sharing the curated resource across the web for the purpose of knowledge sharing.

A Complete Wrap-Up

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Thus we have so far seen the varied aspects of digital literacy and how digitization has helped us move ahead in day to day lifestyle. Digital transformation and digital literacy go hand in hand for proper knowledge creation. To see astounding success in life, do have a practice a habit of learning a digital skill daily.

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