Will Scrum Artifacts Ever Rule the World?

About Scrum

Scrum Artifacts


Scrum Artifact is the basic plan of work that keeps the whole scrum team on the track of achieving the business goal. The essential artifacts include but not limited to, Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog, Product Increment and Sprint Burn-Down Chart.

These form the foundation of the project development. Scrum artifacts show light on the important data and records every activity in SDLC. Right from the stakeholders through scrum master and the entire scrum team needs to be aware of the artifacts at any point of time.

Product Backlog

It describes the project’s requirements for the end product in the form of an ordered list. This part is always subject to change because in accordance with the end user’s varying requirements the elements in the list can be added or subtracted.

Sprint Backlog

Sprint is the time period for the development team to march towards the sprint goal. The sprint backlog is a set of selected elements in the product backlog that are essentially needed for the process of product development in a sprint. It also comprises the plan to accomplish and the increment component to be delivered.

Product Increment

It comprises the total accomplished components in the product backlogs in a certain sprint.It sums up all the previously completed sprints and delivers the working model of the product’s functionality.

Sprint Burn-Down Chart

This is for tracking and managing the project. The project’s progress has to be monitored along with the remaining work that is left to accomplish. So this peculiar artifact facilitates the summing up the total work left undone. It helps sprint to focus on the remaining work to reach the sprint goal.

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This is all about the Scrum Artifacts. Scrum has been adopted by almost all of the corporate enterprises to have control over their workflow and update the same to their shareholders. Hence it is an absolute fact that the scrum artifact would rule the world to keep the race in the pace!!.

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