Why ITIL Certification Beat Peanut Butter on Pancakes?

ITIL- What are the advantages for the organization.

In the broad field of information technology this ITIL standard which refers to Information Technology Infrastructure Library plays a vital role in bridging the service capability of the organization to the business needs. ITIL is the universal framework of ITSM ( Information Technology Service Management) best practices. It provides guidelines and step by step strategy in helping groups deliver best solutions with best practices. ITIL facilitates best in class service management strategy . ITIL service life cycle includes ITIL service strategy, ITIL service design, ITIL service transition, ITIL service operation, ITIL continual service  improvement. The four P’s of the business are people, process, product and partner. Involvement of each people in different process of product delivery results in good relationship with the partners. Every nuances of the service management are structured aesthetically to render quality driven service in cost effective way.

Organization’s process and function is directly proportional to the market behaviour. ITIL ensures service management in solving business issues rather focusing on capabilities. By minimizing the business problems enhances customer satisfaction and retention. ITIL provides best services with almost reliability. The supply chain management of the organization is optimized. Which includes the retention in support cost , conversion of lead at first call and the risk factor is measured every now and then. It facilitates better financial management of the company with legible accounting records.

In every service organization customer is king. Customer satisfaction is the primary focus of ITIL standard. Service delivery should be highly efficient with short span of time. ITIL inculcates change management system which process with an agile model to the changing needs of the customer thereby assuring undistorted service with continuous improvement.

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The efficiency of the business comes with better decisions at the right time. ITIL helps in crucial decision making in investments and revenue creation. Financial gravity of the organization lies in intrinsic decisions of channelizing the resources towards the profit of the business. Choosing the right customer for the right service is more important in achieving the business targets.

The security aspect of the organization is well framed with ITIL Standard. Where each access requires authorization. Scalability of business with less redundancy , strengthen the core with identifying , planning, delivering , support of the IT services with increased productivity at minimum cost.

The service pipeline shows the timeline for each service that is under development. The future growth of the service is depicted in the portfolio gives the customer the entire map of the project deliverables. Thus any service organization no matter what the size may be should incorporate ITIL best practices to provide the best solutions to their Kings – The Customers.

Advantages of ITIL certification for professionals.

ITIL( Information Technology Infrastructure Library) framework is a cognitive approach  for an IT professional to handle every task with at most care and diligence. ITIL is a set of best practices that should be adopted for effective and efficient execution of the business services. It guides the professionals in giving the clear idea about what is the structure and strategy of services offered in Information technology. Individuals can easily correlate the business needs to the market strategy. ITIL is the body of knowledge or book of manuals to help practice their profession effectively .

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Benefits for the professionals are priceless. ITIL very proven high level competency skill set in information technology service management (ITSM) organization. ITIL certified person is regarded as a resourceful person with acknowledged capabilities. If anyone got this certification in their hats they are really an out standing rom the   of the infrastructure and better understanding of the concepts of service management. It develops self confidence in every individual having known of the entire business module and the implementation process. The service life cycle is segregated in every inch of the business movement thereby assisting work methodology at ease.

Now we can see what are all the monetary benefits by acquiring this great skill set in your portfolio. The average pay of ITIL certified is $100,000 per annum. Depending upon the location and mode of business you can negotiate with your employer for better pay. Definitely there will be significant hike in your pay of 15% or more once you are certified. Expertise is recognized in rewards. There is no doubt about the increase of pay , surely the certified person is paid more than the ordinary one. Also switching for the better opportunity with a valuable skill base in hand could be done at ease which is also highly recommended.

Career growth prospects is enormous. You will be a much sought after employee in your company. The knowledge of deep insight about the business process makes you the good fit in any ITSM (information technology service management ) company. The trajectory of growth from an entry level to chief technologist can be made easily viable through this ample certification. ITIL certified professional will obviously be highlighted in the job market. Your market value will be soaring high. And you can place your self in the heights of the profession. Then why wait chase this most prestigious certification to ace the race of information technology service management profession.

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